3 Crucial Areas IT Security Audits Should Focus On

When was the last time you had an IT Security Audit?

We recommend that our clients audit their entire IT Infrastructure annually to make sure it is 100% secure.

Here are the 3 crucial areas to focus on.

what-is-a-security-audit-blog1. Up-to-date operating systems.
Those pesky windows updates are there for a reason; to keep your machine secure.
Our management tool will actively scan the entire network to make sure every device is up to date with the most critical security patches.

2. Review Access Controls.
Access management violations are among the most common cloud security risks, and the damage can be significant.

3. Is your cloud provider secure?
Your business wouldn't enter into a relationship with a vendor whose security posture is weak, and the same caution should be applied to your cloud service providers. It's essential that you review each cloud service provider's security policies and protocols, so you can learn how they secure their data centers and cloud infrastructures.

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